This is why you work too many hours (and how to fix it)

September 5, 2016

Tony discusses Parkinson's Law and why you're working too many hours and what to do about it.


How to increase your sales dramatically with virtually no risk

August 7, 2016

Tony shares a story about a client he is currently working with and shares powerful statistics on why selling to your customer base is the easiest route to increased sales and profit.


What great listeners actually do

July 31, 2016

Tony begins weekly podcasts by sharing some of the great content he reads each week. This week's podcast is written by CEO, Jack Zenger and President, Joseph Folkman of Zenger/Folkman Consultancy. This article was shared in Harvard Business Review on July 14, 2016. 


6 Steps to Starting a Successful Business

July 23, 2016

Tony shares the six steps he used to go from the idea stage of starting your own business to taking the leap to full time consulting.


Are you working ‘in’ your business or ‘on’ it?

May 10, 2016

Many business owners spend far too much time working in the business and not on it. Anthony helps you figure out if you one of them and then offers three steps to transition from working in to working on the business.


Succeed by honoring the ‘compliment contract’

April 19, 2016

When you receive a compliment you are receiving a gift. Anthony explains why it's important to accept that gift even if you don't feel you deserve it.


Pay Yourself, Damn It!

April 4, 2016

90% of all business owners underpay themselves. Tony explains why you should stop and gives you a simple way to determine a fair wage.


How Wegmans hires and retains A-employees (and how you can too!)

March 19, 2016

Every owner wants more A-employees, in this episode, Anthony explains how to hire and retain them by sharing how Wegmans Grocery Store has been doing it for decades.


Only 8% Achieve their New Year’s Resolutions Because of these 5 Goal Killers

January 16, 2016

In this episode, Tony shares 5 of the most common reasons why 92% of Americans fail at completing their goals and offers solutions to avoid them.  He also offers the opportunity to be apart of a special goal class that will help you to finally complete that goal you have always struggled with.


How Shopping at Ikea can Improve your Leadership Skills

December 27, 2015

Anthony shares a couple of stories which focus on two of the most important core values for a leader - trust and teamwork.  Happy New Year!